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Michael Jultak Floral Designs offers a variety of unique, hand crafted designs and provides the highest quality of flowers, plants and gourmet gift baskets.

Leading the industry in new and creative ideas for floral designs. Our experience of sending flowers worldwide enables us to resource florists around the world by talking directly to the florist for our customers.

Michael Jultak began his florist career as a teen-ager, selling flowers in subways and on Times Square in New York City. Michael learned the floral business from two of New York's leading florists, Beatrice Mann and famed florist Max Schling.

It was with his passion and knowledge that, after relocating to Denver he established the Capital florist on Pearl Street and then Michael Jultak Florist in 1947, with his wife Selma Jultak thay moved the business to Adams street and Colfax. Michael loved the business. He was often heard saying, "sending flowers generates warmth...I like being a part of it, by trying to create an arrangement that will really pleases someone. Michael passed on January 26, 1980. Selma passed on November 18, 2014. Selma owned and Relished the business for 24 years on Colfax and Filbert Court Denver Colorado. 

My values and traditions learned from my father and mother Michael and Selma, continue to stand as the foundation for our business today. We are proud to be offering the best quality and service anywhere. We are also proud to be serving the 4th generation families and look forward to many years of providing the best for our clients in the future.

Skip Jultak

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