The Affair


Entryway Flowers

When guest arrive at the cocktail party, you'll welcome them with the immediate impression on the style of your wedding through the florals you set at the entrance. A formation of grand, oversize bridal blooms in crystal vases set the stage for an elaborate, formal wedding, while bright scattered vases of wildflowers says, "Welcome to our relaxed garden party."

Buffet Table Flowers

Flowers on your buffet table serve a dual purpose: They're there for beauty, and they can work as a budget saving trick. Floral arrangements and flowers placed on a buffet table fill the space and add lushness and color that make it look like you have a much bigger, fuller buffet table. Just as floral arrangements on a buffet table make the spread seem more lavish, small floral accents on each food platter. ;


The tables and chairs in your cocktail party space offer cozy, intimate seating for natural gatherings of guest who are enjoying the pre-reception fare. These tables offer a great opportunity for small and subtle floral decor. You don't want oversize floral arrangements on these tables, as the nature of these tables is to allow guests to see and talk to each other and they need plenty of table space to hold their drinks and plates.



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